Friday, 12 February 2016

Taylor Swift's Fans React to Kanye's 'Famous' lyrics rap.

After various twitter rants and album changes, the 38-year old rapper finally debuted his new album The Life Of Pablo in the 'Yeezy Season 3' fashion show which held at the NYC event center.
Though this may seem an awesome news to fans, lovers and even critics of the rapper, this however was short-lived as the rapper during his Album Debut presented a track named 'Famous' with a shocking lyrics-
      "I feel like I and Taylor should       have sex.........I made that b***h famous".
   He was certainly refering to the     incident that took place in 2009, as he took the stage as Taylor was about to present her speech when she was presented the Female Music Video Awards.
This didnt go well with Taylor's fans(a.k.a 'Swifties') as they took to various Social medias and hurled insults at the rapper. There is tension in the 'air' as curious fans and lovers awaits Taylor's response to this Shocking incident.

Friday, 15 January 2016

Prison Break Returns

The event series 'Prison Break' as been officially announced by Fox at The Television Critics Association Press Tour, on Friday, to be brought back to 'air'. The sequence series which stared from August 29,2015- May 15,2009 is no doubt one of Fox biggest success.
Wentworth Miller (Michael Scoffield) and Dominic Pucal (Lincoln Burrows) are set to return as brothers in the upcoming series. However this caused a lot of controversies and arguments among fans and lovers of the event series since 'Scoffield' died in the season Finale. Paul Sheuring, (the writer) however explained that there will be a "twist" in the movie and that Michael actually didn't die.
Fox also announced that the event series "24' will also be airing alongside 'PRISON BREAK'. They also promised die-hard fans that the movie- shootings will begin in earnest and will be on air as of April,2016-17.

Alan Rickman Dies @ 69

Shocking news for fans and lovers of the renowned Actor and English Director "Alan Rickman" who died of cancer. His death remains a pain and a tragic loss to fans, friends, actors and actresses in the movie industry and the whole world at Large.The cause of his death however is said to be cancer. This 'bacterium' disease has claimed so many lives over the years including the renowned musician "David Bowie who died this year due to this same disease. Alan is mostly known for his antagonistic acts in high-grossing movies such as Harry Potter(prof. Snape), Robinhood: Prince of thieves,Die hard, Rasputin:Dark Servant of Darkness.
His latest movie "Alice through the Looking Glass"is set to release on May 16,2016. His impact will forever be acknowledged and never forgotten. Rip "ALAN RICKMAN"